David Galperin

David Galperin, Chairman and Owner

David Galperin, Chairman and Owner
Since 1999, owner of the Gil Group  (originally “Gil Advertising”), which provides marketing communication services in the ultra-Orthodox sector, print productions for the general sector and branded gifts for businesses. Over the years he has served in a variety of positions in the firm.

David Galperin, among others: CEO of the firm, business and financial consultant, marketing and advertising consultant. In addition, David has a resume in the field of investments and recruiting investors for various projects in the field of real estate, including the establishment of an international venture in the field of foreign exchange investments and construction, assistance and support of an international venture in the field of telemarketing marketing. Lecturer and instructor in the field of advertising, marketing and finance, in colleges and workplaces.

David Galperin has professional training in a variety of tracks. Among other things: marketing and advertising studies at the Association of Advertisers in Israel, studies as an investment consultant and real estate leverage at Ramat Gan College. Training as a financial planner through the “Israel Financial Planners Association”, enrichment courses in a variety of fields, including: advanced negotiation management, the capital market for senior executives, printing and more. Also, managerial coaching and organizational coaching, individual and group mci.

Notable features:
David Galperin is known for:
Fairness and honesty, wisdom, authority, perseverance, love of man and ability to learn. Excellent interpersonal skills, sense of humor, mediation and negotiation skills, ability to listen, information and persuasion

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